SARAJEVO- 10 March 2011 - Despite the consequences of the financial crises that are still affecting the real economy of our country, Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. BiH continued the good performance recorded already in previous years. The Bank managed to increase its market share in almost every operational segment and, in the end of 2010, outperformed by far the worsening of the NPL portfolio of the banking sector. This was the result of more advanced monitoring procedures, supported by developed IT systems, and the centralized management of the approval process.

The following are the major indicators evidencing the quality of the Bank's operations in 2010 when compared to the results of 2009:

  • the Bank accomplished net profit in the amount of 6,061 thousand KM, which is higher by 73.6 % in comparison with 2009;
  • the assets increased by 10.4 % and reached the amount of 1,287 million KM
  • total deposits amounted to 823 mil KM and they are higher by 6.4%;
  • loan portfolio recorded a growth of 11.4 %  reaching the amount of 935 mil KM;
  • total net income increased by 16.9%;
  • costs increased by 8.2%;
  • costs for creating loan provisions increased by 25.6%;
  • The number of employees at the end of 2010 was 519 (in 2009 there were 514 employees). 

Based on highly reliable information which we have at our disposal, our financial indicators are significantly above the average accomplished at the level of the banking sector in BiH at the end of 2010. 
Despite the still not favourable market conditions the Bank proceeded with its lending activities, increasing the total loan portfolio by 11.4 %. As for 2010, lower demand on the market prevented the growth of retail portfolio. Once again, increase of total portfolio was mainly sustained by growth in corporate loans, which recorded an increase of 23.5% compared to the end of 2009.
During 2010, the Bank exploited further the credit lines made available by the parent company and by international organizations (EIB, EBRD, EFSE), aimed at sustaining specific business sectors of BH. 

During 2010 the Bank cancelled the 5,140 shares that it had repurchased from minority shareholders during 2009. The stable support of its major shareholders represents a fundamental pillar in the development of the operations of the Bank, and I point out incidentally the fact that the Bank’s capital solvency ratio is still well above the regulatory minimum requirements.

During 2010, the Bank’s network POS terminals and ATMs kept on expanding, so that the Bank has installed and replaced a total of 914 POS devices and 5 new ATMs, and in the following month, we are expecting the opening of a new Agency in Banja Luka.
The commercial presence of the Bank on Bosnia and Herzegovina market and our attention for customers’ needs is also evidenced by the enhancement of our portfolio of products, to which we have added new products meeting the changing necessities of business and private clients and where we keep improving existing traditional products.

In our Bank, the focus on customers means the promptness in providing feedbacks in case of complaints or requests for clarifications and constant monitoring of customers’ satisfaction through advanced surveying tools. In this area, we are particularly proud of recording the increasing rate of loyalty, feeling of closeness to the ideal Bank, fulfilment of expectations and satisfaction of our clients.
Sensitivity upon customers’ needs goes together with the traditional social responsibility of Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. BiH. Just like in previous years, we have continued to support several social activities, paying particular attention to the necessities of younger generations and carefully promoting processes and actions (internally and in our relationships with suppliers) that safeguard the quality of the environment, in line with the general approach of Intesa Sanpaolo Group (ranking among the top 20 world corporations caring about the environment).

Investing on customers’ satisfaction, on sustainable growth of the market, the economy and the society, needs the daily contribution of people working in the Bank.  The professional development of our staff remains a constant target for us, the achievement of which we are seeking also through introduction of modern training tools such as “distance learning” that enables a timely circulation of information of new regulations, new products and methodologies.

The chief objectives of the Bank's Management Board and its employees in the upcoming periods are:

  • Focus on revenues growth areas
  • Preserving credit portfolio quality
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement
  • Human Resources enhancement
  • Network optimization
  • Maintain a conservative approach to liquidity management.


By introducing new products and by adjusting the existing ones to the competitors' conditions, ongoing improvement of the quality of service and efficient and prompt reaction to the needs and requirements of the clients, with special care given to the analysis of credit products and processes, our objective will be certainly accomplished.

About Intesa Sanpaolo

Intesa Sanpaolo ranks among the top banking groups in the Euro zone in the retail, corporate and wealth management business areas.

Further to a well-spread network of 5,900 branches in Italy, where it offers a wide range of services to about 11.3 million customers, Intesa Sanpaolo runs international activities focused in Central-Eastern Europe and in the Mediterranean basin, where it operates in 13 countries through its retail and commercial banks with approximately 1,800 branches and 8.6 million customers.




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